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Compression socks for football and rugby

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MORETAN FOOTBALL Grip socks designed for game sports such as (football, rugby, futsal) . Flat seam , asymmetric structure (right – left toe) , fixation of the ligament of the feet and additional protection of the areas of increased friction protect against injuries and calluses. Also have non-slip effect.


MORETAN LAB technologies bring out the best in polyamide (polymer) threads TEHNOYARN™  with antibacterial protection. The socks’ anatomical foot design, heterogeneous structure, safety shields – all of this optimizes airflow regulation and moisture-wicking which keep your feet dry. They keep you safe from chafing and blisters, and joint support and pressure shifting, calm ankle tension and protects from microtraumas.

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36-38, 39-41, 42-44, 45-47




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